Who Won the Elections

Warning, the following may be graphic and blunt. This message goes out to all the old politicians and Political hacks that think their party either won or lost the last election. Wake up America, the party that does not participate won the election and the parties and the faithful of those parties lost. It is my feeling that out there there is about 20% of the people that support the Republican party, about 21% that support the Democratic party and about 20% of the people that support ideas and celebrity. The sad news is there is about 40% (+/- 3%) that just flat don't give a damn who is in charge. Nancy and the Dems need to get it right and work hard this next period. All the anger and hate people feel for the current administration hasn't even got the unwashed masses to wake up and vote. They do give a damn but it is for the latest X-box or Wii or what line they can stand in for three or for days to be the first to buy the latest. These are the guys that won't go stand in the short lines to vote. Who are they, The gaming generation.


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Should we really care if the x-box generation votes?
    -Jessie's grandma-

  2. No vote, no gripe. You vote, you gripe. If you parties looses don't spend the next 4 years working to destroy thoses who won.

  3. I like Obama...he's fresh. I like him a lot. I hope he's not too good to be true. Gheesh, I hope he's not the anti-Christ. That would be about my luck to vote for the freakin' anti-Christ. Oh, and I vote and I game so there *sticks out tongue*

    PS I miss you and didn't that Kansas game just keep your ass tightened up until the end??? OMG!!!

  4. There is a generation out there that is lost from life in their own world on an X-Box, WII, Sega Game oe whaterver. I want everyone to know that the Democrats and the Republicans are like the Unions and claim to conrtol the world when there are a lot of people that don't bother. I agree that Obama is a fresh face and hope he is able to rally around the people in the US and do great things. I am a little worried that so far all I have heard is retoric not concrete program ideas. I am really afraid that the only way we will get the gamers totally off their games is to have the electricity shut down. MUD

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I guess like Denny, I'm interested in what a candidate plans to do and how he/she plans to get there, using my money. I'd like a candidate who would eliminate 2 laws for every one enacted. I like sunset laws that self-destruct and would favor politicos who don't want to think up new ways to spend my tax dollars. Outlaw deficit spending.
    Where does Obama stand on the issues?
    according to ontheissure.org. He favors: gun control, giving welfare and SocSec benefits to Illegal immigrants, abortion. Against the death penalty. He won't be getting my vote.
    Jessica's grandma...

  6. Aww..I liked the comment. I know what you mean about the rap music...its stupid.
    I also know what you mean about not rushing into anything, and we arent, I just love him and he loves me. Yeah we have talked about our futures together and getting married and we both have agreed that we want to spend them together but if something happened where we had to part for the best then I think we both would be understnding and allow it, just because we want the best for one another, and its the best isnt for us to be together then we wont be ya know? =) But I really did like that comment. It made me smile! I wish other people my age could talk to you. I think they would like you =)