Saturday in the Heartland

I am pissed off at the idiots that think Ohio & Illinois are in the mid west. I started calling Kansas the heartland because of the geographic error and I heart someone call Ohio the Heartland. They are the western edge of the east, the eastern part of the Central US, but they sure as hell aren't the Midwest. Somewhere about the border of Colorado and Utah is the Mid west. The Geographical Center of the US is right here in good old Kansas near that stupid ball of bailing twine near Cocker City, Kansas.
Aren't you glad I don't have anything really important to get excited about?
Ok boys and girls, I have been a pet lover for a lot of years. Why the fascination about birds? They eat, sleep, chirp and poop. They act like idiots and fly around the room crashing into windows if you let them out of their cage. I really don't get it. You can't pet them, and they will bite your lip if you try to kiss them. Cockatiels are the most messy thing since little boys started trying to hit the toilet standing up.. Why the fuss? Oh well...
I do hope my metaphor about Walmart hasn't missed you. "I have everything I need, most of what I want and a Walmart nearby." It is an old guy's update of the serenity prayer.
Should be some good games on TV this weekend. KC plays the Colts, KU plays someone, K-State will be on TV tonight and most of the games are televised. Might even get in some housework. "Some."

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