School board Election

"The Capital-Journal News, Sat 20 Jan 2007"
More Candidates emerge for local school boards
Hopefuls have until Tuesday to file for office with election officials.
By Barbara Hollingsworth barbara.hollingsworth@cjonline.com
The pool of candidates seeking election to area school boards seats is beginning to fill....
My worthy Opponent

  • Trey Burton. Burton, 42, has made a habit of volunteering at the school of his three children and currently is the president of the Shawnee Heights School booster club. He also serves on the district advisory council. Important to the future, he said , will be seeing through the 2005 Bond issues and addressing the space needs in elementary schools. "I think I have a good foundation for understanding the issues that the schools deal with and that are currently going on and then probably an ability to listen well and communicate with others to see we continue to move in a good positive direction in the school district" said Burton, who works as a mid level manager for the Federal Government. (My note- Trey is a great guy and will be a good member of the board if he wins. )

  • Petty, a retired Kansas National Guard Colonel, will face Burton in the Shawnee Heights board election but says it will hardly be a grudge match. Their wives both work at Tecumseh South Elementary. "I see this as a win-win either way." Petty said. Petty, 59 works as a substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional, a job he knows he will have to give up if elected to the school board. Still, he said, his experience working with special education students would help him in the role. If elected, Petty said he wouldn't shy away from making difficult decisions, such as re-drawing the school boundaries, a topic currently under discussion. "I'm not adverse to telling patrons of the district if we need to redistrict the schools at the risk of making someone unhappy. If it makes the schools better for the kids, that's what they need to do."

I have talked with my opponent, Trey and we both feel that the high road is the only to go in this case. The voters will be the deciding factor and their voice will be listened and either way we hope to remain friends. Trey is the previous owner of the bike that Barbara now rides. If Trey loses I may have to commission Kenny to build a recumbent frame for Trey. Very "tongue in cheek" Barbara said my slogan should be if in doubt, vote for the tall guy. But that wouldn't be nice so I'll not use it (much)

Dennis, candidate for Shawnee Heights School Board, District B, Position 2.

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