Football Game of the Century

Anyone that watched the Boise State vs Oklahoma game last night may have seen the game of the Century. It was a shame that anyone had to lose such a wild ride. It was a high scoring game and believe me when I say it went long and hard and fun. Boise State played skillful gimmick laden games and Oklahoma played Smash Mouth Big 12 Football. The last 5 minutes of the game and the overtime should be a must see for every player and fan. Oklahoma got to try for the 2 point after touchdown play four times. Boise State won the game with the old Statue of Liberty Play. I laughed and whooped as the game just got better and better. I do feel sorry for the Oklahoma fans but they gave almost as good as they got.
Barb and I were going to make a run to KC this morning but she decided that we have too many other commitments. We are going over to have lunch with mother and take her in for a pro-time (blood test) They are worried that her blood is too thin or too thick. She takes what is a rat poison to keep her thin. (Warfarin)
Barb has breakfast on the table so I'd better get off here and go eat. I hope the rest of the bowl games are as much fun. There will also be basketball games aplenty. Does anyone know what the hell has happened to the Shockers of Wichita? They were so high and have fallen out of the top 25 after 4 straight losses.


  1. Such a pity about the OU game. I didn't watch because I hate football, but I have heard about it from my husband, my boss, and the guy at the library. Glad I hate football...
    The birds are adorable.
    My zebra shoes??? I work in a funeral home...all I wear is black...they will go with everything I wear at work.
    Love you.

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I've never posted to a blog before but had to say...The Best team won at the Fiesta Bowl!

    SK (Idahoan)