Come on over

This is our five year old friend from Morocco. Kendra is about as sweet as they come.

Big sister Katrina is seven and sang us songs in French.

This is the stash of dolls from Auntie Barb. They have a school room and a kitchen.

This is Julie and Peg. They taught Kindergarten together.

This is Mary, Julie and Paul. Paul is the source of KU Tickets for the Petty Family. If you ever get to Lecompton, Paul hosts the Museum there at Lane University.

This is Julie, Mary Davis, Barb and the girls.

This is the Wilton Instructor and the Special K's decorating cup cakes.

We invited several of the teachers from Tecumseh South to come over and see Julie and her family today. We had a great time .


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  1. I haven't asked my grandparents what makes them feel worthwhile, but I did ask them what's the secret to a good marriage (they've been married 50+ years). I'm sure you probably already know these things, but this is what they told me:
    Learn to compromise
    Let the bad things that happen bring you closer together rather than tearing you apart.

    I do like your golden rules, I'll have to keep those in mind. Thanks : )