Beginning of the End?

After 200+ years, I think it is only fair that we do not say it is the end of the beginning.  For several years we have watched as our Congress loosened the purse strings, and trade controls to bring more color TV's into our homes at cheaper prices and now the World wants their bite of our apple.  If you doubt this, I have only one word to you NAFTA.  When we can but an oil filter made in Mexico for $2.99 why would we make them for $5.99 here?  Well Boys and girls, it was then and is even more so now, and the word is Jobs.  

Why is this election focused on Jobs?  Because Congress wants us to focus on anything but them.  It needs to be clear that a 4 Trillion shot into the economy didn't and can't fix what is so fundamentally broken.  People get satisfaction, pride and most importantly MONEY by working.  It is the lubricant in the long success of a Government and there is a time when people have to shoulder the cost of the benefits or the Government will find itself trying to pay for things they no longer have money for.  

Don't get me wrong, I applaud efforts by the Congress to make the board level and even.  They had no idea that the law of unintended consequences would destroy a lot of black homes by offering to supplement what the man of the house brought in and make his role irrelevant.  Then to supplement this, we tried to build a social experiment where we provided housing, food and Medical care to make the lives of the poor suffering children better.  This caused a lot of minority children to be grouped in one place and the resulting poor performance in the schools forced to educate this huddled mass is now looked at as if the Schools are the failure.  

I am not sure where the solution will be, but I do offer the old saying - Do What You Did and You will Get What You Got! 


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