Funny Book

Yesterday I went to the book shelf and picked up the first funny book I could find.  It turned out to be Tim Allen's, "Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked man."   I did not remember reading this book earlier so I started into it and have been laughing my butt off at just how funny and true the book is.  

Number one, the people you learned from about sex were mostly telling you lies and you know it now, but you didn't know it then.  All the people that witness any tragic event always ask, "What could that person have been thinking?"  With young men, it is all reaction not thinking that gets them in trouble.  Combine sex into that, and there is just no way you could ever explain.  Tim nails this as a topic in one of his chapters.

When I went to the Batman movie, they had a preview of a new movie coming out this fall.  The Lee Child character Jack Reecher will be played by Tom Cruise.  If you have read the books, you know that Jack is one Bad Assed Dude and about 6 foot and 220 Lbs.  Tom might go 5'6" and 180 if he is dripping wet.  Making him to be the great big bad ass will be akin to the Green Mile where they made an actor seem 7 feet tall.   I am reading a new Lee Child book and am loving it.  The main character is about to leave the Military and start living life on the outside.  

Oh well, had a great week and have finished several projects.  Tomorrow will be clean up day and I will not start anything new, only put things where they should be for a few hours.  Stay Cool!


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