Ridin' The trails

A few years back, Barb's brother, Ken, was here with his bicycle.  He convinced me that if I wanted to have a smile on my face, I needed to start riding a recumbent bike.  While searching for a donor bike to steal the components from, we ran across a nice little Eazy-1 and picked it up for a nice price.  (About half of retail) When we got it home, Ken thought it might just make a good bike for Barb and we searched for a different bike to get parts from.  Ken made my bike and equipped it with some darned nice components from a bike he picked up at a second hand store.  He later updated those components and I ride a terrific bike now and love it.  Barb rides along with her bike and seems to have a smile on her face also.

At the start of the year we try to rice a course from 29th too 45th on the west side of Lake Shawnee and it takes us about 45 minutes.  Today I rode that same course in 30 minutes and loved it.  We have almost 2300 miles on the speedo this year and plan on taking our bikes to Gulf Shores in September.  I don't know what the bike trails will be like but we will also ride along the way down and back.  

You may not find bike ridin' as much fun as I do but it sure puts a smile on my face.

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