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What would you miss the most on this run of 100 degree days?  I promise you that your A/C should be at the top of your list.  Talk to anyone that has called the repairmen and have been told it will be a couple of days as they are working from sun up to sun down trying to keep the A/Cs working.  Go out in the yard and look at the big round part of the unit that blows all that nasty hot air away.  I generally sucks air in through cooling fins and they are easily blocked by dirt, spider webs, leaves, weeds and that white fluff those damned cotton wood trees send out.  Start with a good cleaning of the fins with a small brush.  A lot of the times the spider webs attract dirt and a simple brushing will clean it out.  Some people will take their garden hose and spray down through the fan opening (with it not running unless you just want to get wet) to help clean out the dust.  I do not recommend you do too much of that because the electrical components can be shorted out and the beer can sized part that helps the compressor start can short and it will take a repairman to fix it.

Sometimes you want to get wet!
 There are several other things that you would be advised to check but I hope you will make the A/C check number one on your list of things to do.  I was working at my rental and found the compressor almost completely blocked because my renter didn't check it EVER!

After 20 years here at Rabbit Run, several things are to the point that I need to start repairing and replacing.  The redwood deck is in bad repair and i am putting some of that new plastic decking on it.  The recommend we give it a simple scrub with soap and water each spring and leave it alone.  Speaking from experience, I find that cleaning between the boards now and then keeps the substructure in better shape. 

Have a great day out there.


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