Give Me Your Huddled Masses

At some point, the words on the Statue of Liberty will need to be understood that we took the world's masses for years and sometime out in the near future, we need to have an organized and enforced immigration policy.  Try to move to Australia without money or a good trade. 

Let me tell you that I for one feel that the Mexican influence brought here by the Sante fe railroad is one of the best things that has ever happened to Topeka.  We are nearing the Fiesta season and I love to drive over to the Church and to stock up on the wonderful food.  I feel that the profits they make and pour back into their schools is just what life here in the USA should be about.  This is their 79th annual Fiesta.

Yesterday I listened to one of our guests complain about the fact that the Working poor immigrants (some legal and some not) claim many dependents on their W-4 and don't have much if any withheld on their taxes.  She said they do this because they don't intend to file so they don't want the Federal Government to get a lot of their money without any benefit to them.  I am kind of thinking that that is the smart thing to do.  If you think these illegals aren't paying any taxes, you don't see the sales tax and gas Tax they pay.  They also rent houses and their landlords pay property taxes.  Yes, I would love to see everyone paying income taxes but I'm not sure that their inclusion of illegals in the Social security dole out at the end is what I really want.  Perhaps we need a system that has them get a green card to work and pay some form of just an income tax. 

I read about a Southern State that worked hard to enforce illegal workers and as a result their crops went to rot in the fields.  I challenge you all to think about the rule of unintended consequences.  If we were to absolutely enforce the laws, who would make the beds in our Motels and who would help roof our houses?  

Just Say'n


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