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Yesterday got hot early and it was brutal.  By about 2:30 PM it was 108 in the shade.  The good news is that I quit working outside about the time it hit 100.  I am replacing a part of the decking on the east side of the house and it is dirty hot work.  It will be nice when it is done but it isn't there yet.

At 108 at 2:30 on 7 July
 We have our small rental house rented and our new tenant will move in in August.  It is the son of a long time tenant and I hope he is as good as his dad was.  They always painted things, put up new curtains and generally kept the place clean.  If he is half as good as his dad he will be a winner.  We took applications to rent our house and with just a sign on the street had 8 pretty darned good applicants.  I am blown away that several of them are renting and paying over a grand a month to rent bigger houses.  

This morning our paper had an article about a group of Washburn students that traveled to Cuba.  Several of them had never been outside of the USA and it was an eye opener.  They commented that they did not have cell phone service in Cuba.  Poor babies.  I would love to get to visit with one of the students one on one and really get to know what they saw and how they felt in a country where the government runs so much of the life of the people.  I have it on my bucket list to go to Cuba sometime in the next few years.  I noticed that Road Scholar has some trips there now.  Perhaps in a couple of years when they get it worked out better.  

Our Daughter-in-law Barb Jr. has a friend, Mel, that moved to Austin Texas a couple of years ago.  We let her stay in our guest bedroom when she comes up to visit.  It is always fun to have all the girls friends over and hear the laughter.  I think my wife also gets off playing grandmother to the children that come over.  She always has some little outside project for them to do.  They pick blackberries, tomatoes and water the plants.  The watering turned into a water fight this last time but as the temperature went above 100 that day, I'm sure they guys liked it.  Mel went home early today and I don't envy her the drive in this heat.

Better get things moving.  Stay in a shady spot boys and girls.



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