The latest thing that is coming up after the Aurora, Colorado shooting is the old ban on assault weapons discussion.   Am I one of the few people in the world that know that the gun is only the weapon of a deranged mind?   People say that in England there is a ban on weapons and they don't have many gun massacres.  How about the bombings they had when the IRA was active.  Ditto with Japan - They had Risen poisoning.  None of that was the fault of the gun but the crazies we have been forced to let loose because unless we could prove the nut jobs were a threat we had to let the run free.  The catch 22, is they must initiate the real bad stuff before we house them away.  

I will not tell you what weapons I have because I have that right.  I will not register for a concealed carry as that also causes the Government to think I have a weapon.  Weapon Ownership is like my vote - What I do is none of anyone's business but my own.   The reason we have weapons is to prevent our Government from taking over and taking our weapons away so we cannot protect our liberties.  I love my Country but there are times where I fear my Government.  

Whatever you do, remember to vote and keep our country as free as we can.


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