In God We trust?

Who do you trust?  I am finding it harder and harder to trust almost anything.  This includes my own memory as well as most of the media outlets.  I listened to a discussion the other day about how a news story in the paper was "Almost made up" to fill space.  It seems that an editor paid someone a very small amount of money to a writer to draft a story about a subject that was vetted by only one person (That vetting was a personal opinion) and some names were made up to make the story look more real.   We all know that more and more networks and news sources are slanting their coverage to reinforce the ideals of the people that are already drawn to that source.  To make matters worse, when was the last time you really saw anyone make a sincere apology or get fired for a mistake.  People do get canned but mostly when they lie to cover up a stupid mistake.  If Ann Curry was on a winning team, would she have been sent packing?   Ben Bowman of the local channel 49 here in Topeka was non-renewed.  The Channel's official line was he was leaving to pursue other options.  Yep, if he wants to eat, he better find another job.
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Just how big a mistake does a person have to make to get fired or recalled?   The Governor of Kansas turned down 31 Million Dollars for a computer system mandated by Obama Care because he thought the Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional.   Guess what, they called it a tax not a mandate and unless a the senate and president change in the next election we will be stuck with that mother of a program.

Let me be clear - I am not sure that with all the programs out there that are providing people with medical care I really think we should have mandatory Health Care.   On the other hand, a Nephew of ours just came home from a job overseas and was between providers.  He had a Kidney stone that was threatening to shut down his kidneys and because of the surgery he is at least $50,000 in debt.  

I think we as US Citizens are going to be faced with some very interesting choices in the near future.  The question of Leadership is facing us and how either party will face the music after the election will be a good question.  Just how big a Military is enough?  Just how much of the Social Problems can Government afford to fix?  Just how level a playing field do we expect?  Can there be a litmus test on Social Security that applies to all equally?   Can I be penalized (More) for having saved before I retired?  Just how wide of a net does our Government want to throw to attract voters before everyone is at risk?

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If you have the answers to these and more questions, get your own Blog and write your ideas.

Am I the only one who thinks something Stinks in here?


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