Where Do My Rights End?

If because of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado I must give up some of my right to bear arms, am I diminished?  That is the question we must all answer.  Just as soon as there is a clear answer to the question of will limiting the kind and number of weapons I own prevent such occurrences in the future?    I don't see me walking into any place and emptying my weapons on people that have no ill feelings about me.  

There have been many people that want to limit the Westboro Baptist Church right to picket funerals.  As little as I think this will really hurt me in the short run, I am not willing to give up even one small piece of my rights to assemble, have free speech and freedom of religion no matter how looney they get.  

I think that the courts will be looking at a lot of the situations that are right now Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.  Stand up and say you feelings and thoughts about this,  Someday you might not have that right.


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