Holiday Fun

As things are dry here, we didn't even pop one firecracker or see any pyro.   That doesn't mean we didn't have more fun than should be allowed.  Our son and his wife had several of their friends here and I grilled tons of food of all types.  One of the things that made our day brighter was the addition of Issac and  and his little brother Lucas to the mix.  In Barb's words, they are a couple of firecrackers going somewhere to pop.  

Such a cute guy who has a slightly ornery streak

After the water fight, sharing water with the plants
Just a note - These pictures were taken by Barbara Petty Sr. The head photographer here at Rabbit Run.

 I started the day by with a nice bike ride and followed that with about an hour or two of grilling.  I love to get the Webers going and cook food with hickory smoke.   I think my favorite was the thick cut pork chops.  They were tender and moist and had a great flavor.  The burgers weren't bad but I was a little slow taking them off the grill.  I hate not cooking my burgers done but there is a fine line between just right and over cooked.  I won't eat a burger with red meat showing.  Ground beef is almost as bad as chicken for making you sick.

Our 'nother daughter Mel is here from Austin and always adds her laughter to the mix.  Barb loves to take the boys out and do something while the girls fill the living room with laughter.  I eventually have all I want and disappear to the basement.  

I think that holidays should bring out the families and sharing tales and laughs is the way it should be done. 


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