Wind before the Storm

I don't know what it is like where you live, but the wind almost always blows a little harder from the South when a cold front is predicted to pass.  It is a gusty wind and blows all night.  When the wind does this trick, the temperature stays near 80 at night and it really doesn't cool off.  This morning the wind is gusting up to 20 MPH and the Temp at 7 AM was 84.  The high today will be 104+.   

In a little while I am going over to the Dr.s Office and have a blood test.  A couple of months ago I was way overweight and the Doctor said my A1C reading said I was borderline diabetic.  After losing about 30 lbs, I hope he has a different diagnosis.  It doesn't hurt that I have also been doing a lot of physical labor during the intervening time.  I will have the blood drawn today and will see the Doctor face to face next week. 

This being healthy stuff can be expensive.  The work in my mouth has been close to $4,000 this month.  I had been delaying having some major work done and it has all come due at once.  It doesn't hurt that the Dentist I have used for years is going to retire at the end of next month.  I'm sure that he wants to leave me in as good a shape as he can so the next guy doesn't wonder what kind of a Dentist would let his patient get into such bad shape.  The other problem is on 1 August I turn 65 and medicare rears its ugly head.  Because of the birthday falling on the first, I became eligible for Medicare 1 July.  The insurance companies are playing pass the buck to see who will really pay for the medical care.  (Hint- no one but me will pay for the Dental work.)

My helper had an appointment today and I had this blood work this morning so we are taking another day off.  If It rain in the AM we will also take tomorrow off.  I need to go up to Dave's and do some painting on the back of his house.  The back wall stays damp and the paint shows some mold there.  There is one of the Kills brands that is enamel based and says it will prevent any mold.  We'll see.  I will but the cheap rollers and throw them away when we finish.  

Better get the show on the road.  Have a great day out there.


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  1. The difference between an optimist and a pesimest. The Optimist says the Dentist is doing all this work 1 month before he retires because he wants to leave me in perfect shape. The Pesimist says, the dam Dentist is doing all this work and getting all the money he can from me before he retires because he will never see me again and needs to increase his retirement funds. Ray