Takin' Sunday Off

Just a quick update on the diet front.  I am down from 270 to less than 240 and have the body fat under 29%.  Mostly it is the fact I am eating basically what Barb is eating with a slight indulgence now and then.  OK, I went to Cold Stone Creamery for Happy hour during the week.  I am working on finding a diet that I can sustain not just lose weight and then yo-yo back up to 270.  

One or two things I have done for my health include the fact that I don't smoke or drink and we are trying to regularly ride our bikes.  During the summer months, I have enough work to stay busy for at least 4 hours a day.  With this hot dry weather, about noon is all most people would want to be outside.    I will stop in to see my Doctor tomorrow and see what are the results of the blood test done this last week.  I have a high hopes that everything is better and I am not on that slippery slope towards being a Diabetic.  It runs in our family so I am vulnerable to that eventually.  It is a little like my thoughts on Death.  We are all going to die and I don't fear it, I just don't want it to be today or tomorrow. 

Did the rest of you Jay hawk fans see that Jacques Vaughn is the new coach for the Miami heat.  I think he is one of those players that has studied the game and knows what to do to help players win.  Kansas has been a good place to learn the game of basketball.  From players to coaches, they have a long list of people that have been better for stopping there.  Gee, a College where people go to learn.  What a novel concept. 

Oh well, no crushing thing left to write, I am thinking about some of the good advice things I have learned over the year and have at least an outline for a couple of good, pithy blogs later on this week.


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  1. Good job on dropping the weight. It's not easy, but keep it up!