Livin' in the Summertime

I for one have been very busy lately working on projects.  I renovated a bathroom at one of the rental properties and am currently rebuilding the deck on the east side of the house here at Rabbit Run.  A month or so back, I built an arched bridge in the front of our house.  I threw up some handrails that were very inadequate and this week I also put 4X4 posts where I had used 2X4s.   The bridge looks a lot like it did but it is a lot more stable.  I work in the early part of the day and quit when it gets to be about noon.  A good cool shower, lunch and a nap are just the ticket.

For the most part, my diet has been working.  I do find that about 240 lbs is now a hovering point.  I find that if I eat enough to have energy to work on the projects I don't seem to be losing weight.  I am pretty sure that I am in much better shape and that is the most important thing to me right now.  I do try to sneak in a good bike ride  two or three times a week.  We ride a lot at Lake Shawnee as the paths there are close and normally not that busy except on the weekends.  Over the 4th week, we rode on the Landon Trail that runs south from the brown vs Board of Education parking lot to 45th Street.  The route is very dirty and at least one place way down south it is dangerous where it crosses under the railroad tracks.  Mud and rocks have washed over the trail and no one has cleaned any of it up.  They call it the Landon Trail.

If your life has become a very normal one and there is little excitement, is it boring?   I am sure that it is a product of what I have made it and I am not complaining.  I am anticipating a trip in September to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Barb has even checked a couple of travel guides out from the Library to see what we can do to spice up the time spent there.  I had been thinking about a day trip to Mobile and going a different way each side of the trip.  One of the books said that the trip north on the west side of Mobile bay is boring and not the way to go.  Oh well,  I'll find something fun to do, like sitting in the shade, swimming, eating and cooking.  I am looking forward to trying to cook seafood fresh from the water.  Here, all we get is frozen stuff and just not the same.

I am dumb struck that Mitt Romney went to a NAACP meeting and was booed.  How dumb could he be to even go there?  When you go into the lion's den, you have to expect to hear growls.  I listened to the people talk when Obama was elected and they expected a lot of good things.  I think the three years under Obama has been a tough time for the blacks and they aren't stupid.  

I listen to talk radio when I work outside and there are a lot of things I laugh at.  I agree that a lot of people voted for a personality in Barack and we have had three years of tough times.  I am not a racist when I say that I wanted better for our country.  I am firmly convinced that until we all work together and start fixing problems instead of throwing money at problems we won't get better.  Do what you did and you get what you got.  I think it's time to change.


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