Hot here in the Heartland

If you start early and don't work past noon or one O'clock, it is not all that bad.  Perhaps the last half hour or so is kinda tough but looking forward to a big cool drink with lunch makes it all worth while.  Lunch, dry clothes after a cool shower and things are pretty nice.  Perhaps a nap snuck in there is a good thing too.

The weatherman says we will get some rain either tomorrow late or early on Thursday.  We sure could use a week of cloudy misty weather.  What are the chances of that you say?  Nil, Nada, bupkis, zero, zilch and never going to happen.  I hate to think what the Rural water District has up their sleeve for my next bill.

We are spending a lot of time this summer at home and it is one of those "Stay Cations."  I have managed to find enough to do and just the materials has made it a little expensive.  Thank god I have some natural talents to do a lot of things and I don't have to add a lot of labor to that.  I am keeping our nephew busy a few hours a week and he is worth almost every penny.  At minimum wage it is pretty easy to justify his work.  Right now we are writing it all up and he gives the money to his dad.  I try to make some of that up by making sure he gets some pretty good meals while working.  Bonus, he likes Sonic.  Bonus, I like Sonic.  Double Bonus.

Yesterday evening I was watching the Military Channel and they had a special on the Secret Service Detail that was assigned to President J.F. Kennedy.    At the time I was a Junior in High School and the assassination didn't really touch my life much other than we had several days off.   The Secret service detail all commented on how quiet and reserved Jackie was until he husband was shot.  She tried to collect a piece of the skill that blew off and had it in her hand as they got to the hospital.  The Washington crowd wanted to have Lyndon Johnson immediately get on the plane and fly back to Washington D.C.  Jackie said she wasn't going to leave Dallas until the body of the President was on the same plane.  Lyndon said he wouldn't leave until Jackie was ready and for a while it was a stalemate.  Dallas finally gave in released the body to the President's Physician so long as he accompanied the body to the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

As the motorcade arrived at the airport, one of the aids asked Jackie if she didn't want to clean up as she was covered with blood and brain tissue.  She said she wanted the world to see what they had done to her husband.  One tough lady when the chips were down.

Gotta run. Stay cool.


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