70 for a day in January?

It was a nice day yesterday but the weather mad says it will be even better during the day today.  We need to get ready because there will be a cold front coming tonight.  So long as it has a little moisture in it things will be OK.  Barb likes to believe that her plants do better when they get their feet wet now and then.

What a world we live in.  Kill a few hundred Christians or Jews in the name of your god and it hardly makes the news.  Crash a drone on the White House lawn at 2:30 AM and the news have two special commentators come on to discuss it.   The Special Service is conducting an investigation but it will probably go no where.  From what the news said, it was a drunk Government employee that was drunk droning. 

This reminds me of the Atlanta Olympics.  There was a bomb set off in the wee hours of the morning and everyone wanted to know if I was there.  I was safely in my bed an hour out of town.  If you find me out at that time of the day, kick my butt and send me home as I am either sick or drunk. 

Just this last week I found a new WEB Griffin book and bought it.  I am pretty sure that it would have been available from the Library in a month or so.  I put the book on my book shelf after finishing it and realized that I have darn near a collection of all his books.  Why do I keep them?  I guess a good question is why does anyone keep anything? 

Yesterday I ran into a guy with a 56 Chevy at the gas station.  He had a really nice car 4 door post car with a 6 cylinder motor.  He said he thought he could get $26,000 for it.  I asked him what would he do with the money?  There isn't an investment out there that would return much today.  At least the car might increase in value.  Notice I said might... He did say that at the age of 80 he didn't need the money.

Last night West Virginia played K-State and beat them in the Octagon of doom.  What it did make me wonder was how well could they have played if they worked on making great plays without fouling?  The game went at least 30 minutes long because of all the foul shots K-State didn't make.  By the time they got to the foul line they were too gassed to shoot a decent percentage.  One of the really good K-State players got hurt and that didn't help.  Still a lot of the BIG XII season to go.  I'll see K-State Saturday in Allen Field House and see.

There was an article about Devonte Graham from KU who is a Freshman Guard.  They said he is always smiling.  Who wouldn't smile a lot if you got to sit on the bench at all the KU games.  Not only that, he is really getting some playing time now and making a difference.  Having someone else to bring up the ball a good share of the time really helps Frank Mason not get so tired.  Again I say the season is heating up and it is fun to watch who can beat who on any given day.

Oh well, lots to do today.  Hope to see the kids tonight.


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