Pithy Remarks

Do you remember a time when you were considered a smart aleck because of your ability to throw one liners at stupid situations?  I only wish that same level of brain activity stayed with me long enough to make it all worth while now that I am getting older.  I watch Jeopardy on TV and now have only flashes of brilliance and a sensation that I am smart (Delusions of adequacy)  Oh well, I will continue to try to do my best and until it really falls short,  I won't really worry.

Yesterday I went to one of the Big Box stores on the other side of town.  I went to find a holder for a 20X20 furnace filter to put in the return air duct at David's house.   I went in and bought several small things to put on the dryer vent and got out on the Interstate before I remembered the main reason I went there.  Thank god that I remembered and could turn around and find it at the store.  At least I didn't get clear home.  I did remember to get the furnace filter for the furnace here at Rabbit Run.  The one in the furnace here was fuzzy with a coat of dust.  The ones at David's were just full of sheet rock dust. 

I have talked to several people that have had this stupid head cold for at least two weeks.  I am about over with the first week and have three trash cans full of used Kleenex.  The first couple of days I tried to right it and didn't take anything.  I was completely in pain from the sinus pressure and finally broke down and bought a bottle of Musinex  DM to help me break up the phlegm in my chest.  It also helped me breathe and didn't elevate my blood pressure more than the BP medicine could overcome.  I have taken some stuff that just gave me worse symptoms than the cold.

Yesterday as I crawled under Dave's house to hook up the dryer vent. I must have bruised my elbow.  This morning it looks like the survivor of a full contact fight.  I didn't feel it at the time but I sure do now.  If I could figure out how to take a "Selfie" of my elbow I would but it looks like probably every bruised elbow you have ever seen.

The local paper loves to run stories about KU players that are in a slump.  Seems like every one has had a week or so they weren't up to par.  If they ever get everyone back on track and healthy they might run the table for the rest of the season.  They are 3-0 in the BIG XII right now and even when they look bad they seem to find a way to win.  Going into Iowa State is tough with a team all on track.  We'll see if their Saturday game there and against Oklahoma on Monday can be winners.  That back to back test will tell the true metal of the team. 

Seems like mother nature has seen fit to give us a break weather wise for a day or so here in the Heartland.  We'll see if it is enough to convince the Master Gardner to get out and walk in the Mall or somewhere.  Have a great day.


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