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Yesterday I wrote a heading for my daily blog and then didn't write on word on that subject.   You want know why?  BIG XII Basketball almost all day.  I was watching the early game with K-State and Iowa State.  That went on most of the day with my favorite game between  Texas and KU.  It started out with Texas running amuck and their bigs eating up anything that got near the backboard.  It took a little while for KU to settle down and then their young players just ran the wheels off the Texas "Bigs"  Even last place Texas Tech won a game. The KU guards that turned over the ball 12 times on average didn't turn it over once in the second half.  The team that I don't understand is K-State.  They had a tough time pre-season and there they are tied with KU.  Next Saturday that will change as they meet in Allen Field House.  Someone will be behind when that game ends. 

The other day, one of the sports program mentioned that  Wichita State had the 2nd longest winning streak in the Missouri Valley.  Who was number one?   Yep the lowly Hawks back when they were in the Missouri Valley.   I think WSU will take that record away from them this season and set a tough new record. 

Now on to what do I want to be when I grow up?  My new goal for this year is to be more of a friend to everyone I know and meet.  There is just not enough time to overcome being a stupid shit to people I don't really know.   This is especially true when I take the time to really know people and find so much to admire in almost everyone.  The person I am going to focus the most on is the person that loves me in spite of all the things I have given her over the years to be unhappy about.  Yep, the Master gardener is going to get a full dose of my best for a while.  She deserves it.

For some reason the past couple of weeks I have been having good thoughts about my brother-in-law for reasons we know hereby referred to as Putt-Putt.  Every time I turn around I run into something he made on one of his visits to Rabbit Run.  From Art work to practical things for Barb he has made our place in life a great and pretty place to live.  I sure hope things work out for him this year as things change.

Better move on...


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