The Sky

Being from Kansas, we don't have those majestic mountains to look at and be inspired by.  Instead, we have the beautiful sky to watch as it changes and models the incoming weather.  Today it is cloudless and the warmth from the sun just shines in the windows elevating the mood of the day.  Yesterday afternoon, it looked like a combination sky.  There were at the leading edges clouds looked like Verga or rain that was falling and evaporating before it hit the ground.  Behind that was the bumpy clouds that looked like the precursor to hail.  On the tail end there were some scrambled clouds that just looked too mixed up to call it anything.  By the time I got in the house to tell Barb to look at the sky the wind kicked up and made every door and window in the house kind of whine as the air either snuck in or was sucked out on the down wind side. 

What inspires you?



  1. In the flat part of Arkansas we too watch the sky. I love seeing all of the different clouds. Today we took a drive to the Ozark foothills, about 2 hours away. Gorgeous blue skies all the way there, lots of contrails, clouds coming in from the west on the way home, all pink and yellow from the sunset. Good day to be alive!

  2. My Grandfather had a farm where the little and Big Buffalo Rivers met. Spent many happy days there in the hills south of Harrison. It is always a great day to be alive when you love where you are.