Is it Spring Time in Kansas?

I know that the East Coast of the USA is getting covered with snow and cold air.  Here in Kansas it will be in the high 60's today.  It rarely dips below freezing at night.   We are way behind in the snow fall here in Kansas and most of us love it.  Oh well, there is still basketball to watch.   With Kansas, Kansas State and Wichita State all having winning records, there is a lot to watch and enjoy.  I hope you look good in Crimson and Blue or Gold and Black.  I don't find Purple to be my color.

Our Chorus is working on getting ready for our show in April and spending a lot of time on the risers to get ready.  At the end of last night's session my legs ached like no tomorrow.  I didn't take my pills early and it showed.  You can bet I didn't forget to take them before I crawled under the blankets.  Now if I could increase my bladder size so I could sleep all night.  (Yes, I know TMI)

If I can get my math right, Barb and I have been married a long time  (2015 - 1968 = 47 years?)  I am well aware that I always manage to be a little more flush when that date happens.  A lot of that is that we don't go in debt for Christmas.  Kind of like the Drill Sergeant would say "Smoke 'em if you got 'em."  We don't spend it if we don't have it. 

My Love with the Barbershop guys last year
I am not sure why, but I am almost without nerves when I sing with a group.  Be it a quarter of the Chorus, I just love to sing.   I think I have found my natural voice as a Bass and I love it.

For some reason, the Classic (55,56 & 57) Chevy Facebook posts have been coming into my Facebook page a lot.  I have a 57 in the storage building and am torn between getting it street worthy this year or sending it down the road to where it will be more appreciated.   A good part of that is the motor but if it is truly to be up to the standards it needs disk brakes and power steering.  It could also use an Air Conditioner.  2-70 is good for the truck (all the windows open and 70 MPH) but not if I really want to drive the 57 in July and August.  I guess I need to decide what I really want to do. 

I am listening to Pentatonix Christmas album and I just love their blend of voices.  For some reason this album included Tori Kelly as a vocalist.  I sure hope it doesn't mean that Kirstie is on her way out.  I hope they really study how much she blends into the group.  Not mention that her smile makes a lot of their fans smile back.  Their last album PTX III just didn't hit me quite where I live but I and II did.  I hope that one of these days they come to this area again.  I think the closest they came last year was Tulsa but by the time I saw that there were no tickets available. 

One of the guys in the chorus wanted to throw together a quartet to sing Valentines as a part of the fund raiser this year.  We are getting together and have about found the balance but need a little more practice.  One of the things we found out last night was that our Baritone had been a lead a couple of years back and he was slipping to the lead part in a couple of places.  The balance would go all to hell and it would take a couple of measures to get us back in tune.  (or for him to get back on his part) I hope we can make this work and sing to a few people.  Most of the time the whole office shows up and they love to see the effect we have on the woman (or Man) we sing to. 

I just put in our 2015 CD and am listening to Annie's Song by John Denver.  It is a beautiful song and you can feel the love he wrote into that song.  This version has some great Bass licks in it and is fun to sing.  That can be said about a lot of songs we have picked for our show this year.  Oh well, enough of this, I need to get on with some of the real work waiting for me.


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