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In spite of all the publicity, I didn't get out to see the President as he made a visit to Kansas University.   He seems hell bent on passing a bunch of new initiatives that will continue to cost the tax payers and not get to the root of what ails us.  To me it looks like he has aimed the Government squarely at programs that may have a lot of good in their plans but cost us money right when we need to be increasing jobs and cutting spending.  If I continued to spend money this way I would have been in the poor house years ago. 

Speaking of Kansas, the Men's basketball team continues to be in a tie for first place in the BIG XII.  The bad news is that we won't get to see them at home for another week when they host K-State.  They will be on TV locally so that makes up for the lack of home games.  The game tomorrow is Texas.

This week we made a road trip to Atchison.  In addition to the Sante Fe Museum, we toured Amelia Earhart's birthplace museum.  There is an Italian Restaurant in downtown that was pretty darned good.  Their Tour of Italy had a meat sauce, a meatball and an Italian sausage.  It was darned good.  We also drove through the Benedictine College Campus and as many times I had been in Atchison had never been there. 

Last night we took some stuff over to Dave's house.  For me it was also a chance to visit the Grand Kitties.   Pixel was almost as friendly as I had seen him all the time he was here.  He jumped up on the couch and let me pet him.  I guess he missed people in the day time.  Speaking of Dave's house, his updated bathroom is beautiful.  They still have a lot of boxes to sort through.  That could go on for a month or two with them both working.

Early this past week something over by Barb's computer put out that smell like an electrical component was about to die.  I replaced the power strip and the modem and things seem to be normal now.  I was kind of amazed that the power strip cost as much as the wireless modem.  The modem got quite a workout with four computers hooked up with the kids here.  Oh well, things cost money and at least for now we have it. 

The other day I went to Wal*Mart and pick up a few groceries.  Is it just me or has the price of cheese jumped way up?  Gasoline is way down but many of the staples have gone up.  Oh well...

I hope your days are as nice as they are here in Kansas.  Our daytime high's are nearing 50 all week.  I remember 1978 when it was lower than 13 degrees the entire month of January. 


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