8 Wonders of Kansas

Barb bought us a book called the "8 Wonders of Kansas" by Marci Penner.  It has been a fun journey seeing all the places she recommend against the list of places we have been.  Because of my travels with the National Guard, there are a lot of cities I have been to but I didn't always get off the beaten path to see all of the places in this great book.  Barb agrees that we need to slow down and see more of the places and eat at more of the restaurants listed.   A lot of things are less than a couple of hours from here in Topeka.  The book is available at Barnes and Nobles.

Dave and his wife spent last night at their house but we still have the kitties here.  I am pretty sure they will be going home in the next day or so.  Yes, I will miss the kitten Pixel.  He has spent about half of his life here and is just getting to the place where he will let me stop and pet him.  He won't come when called but Barbara said, he is not a dog.  Dogs have owners, Cats have staff.

Today is Martin Luther King Day and I am proud to say that he is one of my personal heroes.  His love for all of mankind was remarkable.  I wish that I had even a tenth of the understanding and caring he displayed.  To overcome the hate and division we had in the 60's with his easy touch and care was a lot better than I could have ever done.  To be shot down in the middle of his fine efforts was a shame.  For the Director of the FBI to work so hard to tarnish him was shameful.   I wish we had a man of his fine caliber today.

What do you need to do the most in your life?  I think we need to de-clutter first then deep clean.  That will start after the kitties go home.  I have given Barb the OK to start renovations on the house any time she is ready.  After 25 wonderful years, there are things that need to be renewed and replaced.  I'm sure that there are a lot of things here at Rabbit Run we just don't see. 

Well, I have a lot of things I need to do for tonight so I'd better be moving on. 

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