Stupid Things People Say

About anything you hear Presidential Candidates say getting ready for 2016 will fit in this category.  Someone said that Hillary is sequestered with her staff trying to clarify where she stands.  I'll bet she is spending time trying to figure out how to not get goaded into saying more stupid things.   Mitt Romney has said he now believes in Global Warming.  I believe in Climate Change but that we are responsible for all of it?  Nah...

At Least one of the Kansas State Legislators wants the Department of Vital Statistics to change their procedure without changing the law.  If a woman has a still born child, there is no Birth Certificate, only a Death Certificate.  I am not sure why, but this same group is wanting to really cut back on the kind and number of abortions.  Next thing there will be some mover to issue a Death Certificate for an abortion.  I will again state that I think Abortion is a horrible thing, but I sure as heck don't want the Government to be involved into the decision between a woman and her doctor. 

It was reported that a Nebraska Football Coach wanted to initiate more conversation with his team.  He asked what they thought was the most important invention.  One of the Linemen said, "Uh, Coach a thermos keeps hot things hot and cold things cold right?"  The coach said "Yes."  The player went on, "But Coach, How do it know?" 

One of the special guests brought on during the crash of the drone on the White house lawn said this was clearly a case of Drunk Droning.  What are the chances that a Federal Employee that was flying his drone in Washington D.C.  at 3 AM while drunk will be able to keep his job?  

I once had the husband of an employee call me and tell me that one of my male employees had made his wife cry.  He went on to say that if it happened again he would come down and tear the guy's arm off and beat him to death with it.    Needless to say this incident happened when I was out of the office because I probably would have threatened the same fate. 

The other day, I bought a stamp at the Customer Service Center at Dillon's.  I picked up the stamp and licked the back of it so it would stick on the letter.  The lady there said it would probably work better if I would peel off the paper covering the back of the adhesive on the stamp.   Duh Dennis...

Oh well, enough of this madness. 


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