Getn' Old(er)

I know that I have said that many times I have said I hate getting old(er) but yesterday it came back in spades.  After repairing the garage door that exploded the other night and standing on the risers during Chorus practice, my legs are a wreck today.  I know that Barb would say I either need to do more or less of that.  It was amazing that while I was on a trip to the Hardware store, the wind shifted to the SSE and I could almost stand to be in the garage with one of the doors open.  There is just no way to get around that if you are inserting bolts through the door frame.  Today, the wind has shifted back around to the North and I am glad to have that job done.

After 25 years of opening and closing, the Garage door had flexed enough that the screws in the middle panel just ripped out of the door.  I also found that the top of the door had cracked and needed reinforced.  I will try to replace it next spring but it will have to do until it gets a lot warmer.  It works fine in the interim but how long that will last is questionable.

As it is a new year, the Master gardener is off to a meeting to help get in her minimums.  They have an hours Nazi that really enforces the rules.  Everyone is required to attend a certain number of meetings and put in 40 hours of volunteer time each year.  Good rule and great that they have someone that cares. 

Last night we had a meeting to talk about our annual show in April.  There is a core group that has done a lot of the work for the Chorus and the new president is working on sharing the wealth.  I applaud his efforts and am really excited to see where the chorus is going.   Our practice last night produced some of the best sounds we have done in a long while.  We took a couple of weeks off and I think it helped.  I even saw a lot of showmanship on the risers.  Normally the guys sing well but are kind of flat in their actions.  I hope we can continue to get better and by April blow the doors off. 

The kids are getting close to being back in their house and the tile guy has been kinda slow getting the bathroom done.  The bathroom cabinets were due in today and it will be fun to see if they arrive. 

Oh well, better get moving so I don't stay glued to this chair.  Would hate to have the same complaint nest week because of inactivity. 


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