What will you grow up to be?

This darned cold has hung in there for a couple of weeks now and I'm ready for it to move on.  It really crimps my singing style.  Anything that is supposed to be a smooth sound comes out with a croak at the end.  I also can't breathe through my nose nearly as well as I would like.  My mouth feels like a rocky path when I wake up.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.

Yesterday Barb made some lasagna and there was a little left over Italian sausage.  Made a fine breakfast with a few fried potatoes.  Throw in a couple cups of coffee and a little toast, it was mighty fine.  In a little while I am going back upstairs to finish loading the dish washer.  I skipped that step last night and I do need to share. 

I know it is silly but I do miss having Dave and Barb here with our Grand Kitties.  It is very peaceful to not have a track meet going on upstairs.  I wonder how the cats are dealing with the slick floors at their home.  We were planning on replacing our carpet this year anyway.  They really didn't do too much damage for all the griping they did on the carpet.  It was funny that Pixel would throw the older cat with what looked like Jujitsu moves.  She didn't seem to mind until he threw in a claw or two.  She would snarl and swat him on the head and he would back off until she stopped swishing her tail.

Our Chorus is singing some nice songs this year.  Only Happy Together is not coming easily to me.  I get through most of it and think I am on the right track by not listening just to the Bass track.  I am finding that the cues in the rest of the music is helping me to find the right Doot, bah doot. 

KU will have a pretty tough test at 1 PM today.  They are in Texas and last year they got whipped pretty bad there.   We'll see if the President's challenge  will help them.  He reminded them that they were his first choice a couple times to win the overall Championship not just the BIG XII.  I hate it when we agree but no one can be all wrong. 

Yesterday I finally broke down and put new brakes on Barb's Buick.  Even with no power tools it only took a couple of hours.  A lot of that was just remembering how to get the disk calipers off and then back on.  I did replace one of the rotors but it wasn't all that bad.  It was the right brake pads that were the worst but I replaced them all.  I probably wrecked another pair of jeans with a combination of brake dust and dirt.  Oh well...   This job only cost about $49.00 and would have been a couple of hundred at Midas. 

I think I have been playing solitaire on mu computer a little too much.  I think I am developing tendonitis in my right shoulder.  See you all tomorrow.


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