Nearing the Finish Line

Dave's house is almost complete and there are a couple of things I need to do to get it ready.  Dave's wife, Barb Jr. wanted the shower big and when they moved the wall, it covered the floor vent in the bathroom.  I have it relocated but I don't have it connected to the duct work.  I also need to connect the dryer vent to the outside.  Small jobs but not one sick people feel like doing on really cold days.  After I get through with my semi annual teeth cleaning this afternoon perhaps I will feel better and it will be warmer.  OH well.

I'll get to see KU play this Wednesday night but will have to miss the game on Monday when Oklahoma comes to visit.  They will have blood in their eye after getting beat by K-State over the weekend.  It all depends on which team shows up for KU.  They have one team that loves to run, jump and dunk the ball.  They will beat a lot of teams back down the court and help them make mistakes only to run the ball back to the other end and dunk it again.  Then they have a team that forgets how they have been coached to play.  They look like a lot of first year Freshmen and just look awful.   There is more life in a Frat House after a keg party.

Yesterday the Board of the Capitol City Barbershop Chorus had a board meeting and I was so sick that I decided to stay home.  They connected me by telephone and we got a lot done.  I really like our new president and the rest of the board.  We have a lot of big plans for the year and only time will tell if we can make this a great year or not.  Our sound has been a lot better and it seems the guys are listening to the CD and reading the music more.  Our Director was selected as Barbershopper of the year this year.  I didn't know he was eligible when we voted or he would have gotten mine.  Oh well..

The other night, the smell of an electrical fire filled the basement.  Not a lot of smoke but a lot of smell.  We unplugged the stuff around Barb's computer and found the smell went away.  One of the external back up drives is the culprit and later on I'll plug them in one at a time ad see which one it is.   For now there is a pile of   stuff just waiting for my attention.

Today is the first day for the Legislature in Arkansas to start.  My Niece, Rebecca Petty, will be sworn in for her first session as a member of the house.  She has been working all around the outside of the Process supporting crime victims and advocating for laws that help crime victims and children.  I am excited to see what she thinks of the process from the inside.  She finished her degree this last year and is working on her Masters.  Perhaps with her education she can write her own bills and not wait for a Lobbyist to do it for her like they do here in Kansas.   She also represents the District that Wal*Mart Headquarters is near.  I wonder what she feels about them.  I go to Wal*Mart a lot and find them to have almost everything I need at a price I can afford. 

Better move on and see what is going on in the real world.


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