'Splain it to Me?

Living here in the USA, has made most of us very protective of our individual rights.  Most of our ancestors came here to escape tyranny or to avail themselves of the freedoms and opportunities to be found in America.  We have grown to expect and demand that our rights be protected by our Government.  In that vein, there are things that just fly in the face of the face of the Muslim world.  I know that there are some that feel that our celebration of the female body is just great.  To the Muslim world, it is totally against what they believe.  We are seen not as a free society but a godless one. 

I will defend your right to live your life the way you desire.  In fact, I gave 30+ years to defending our Country and State from losing our freedom.  I have to struggle to understand how anyone can give up their freedom to do what they want to a tyrannical religion driven society.   I think that is the biggest problem we have in living in the world as we now have it.  Especially in one that few of us can answer life's questions.  We don't even understand what questions to ask let alone answer.

My biggest concern is that somehow our moral superiority has grown into an arrogance that the rest of the world has grown to hate.  I thought that the election of Barack Obama was going to help us get past a lot of that hate and we could be friends with the rest (or a majority) of the world.  As it has shown, that is not the truth.  We have continued to be the people most hated and our Government is not the great symbol of freedom but the world's cops in a world filled with Ferguson, Missouri's.  

A part of me wants to just say screw it, bring our Soldier's home and let the Arab world just be over run with the Muslim religion.  If they want to live like that, let them.  The problem with that is that as was shown with Hitler's Germany, they will never just be happy with what they have, they will always want more.  With the proliferation of Nuclear weapons, can we ever be safe? 

This morning, the newspaper said that more people are moving out of Kansas than are moving in.  I told the Master Gardener that is a lot here like in the USA.  I love my State but fear my Government.  There are a lot of things that work when the economy is expanding but not in one that is stagnant or shrinking.  The solution to me is to tighten our belts and fund the things that are important.  To me, schools is pretty much at or near the top of that list.  How can we have a future if we don't do our best to make our children as smart as they can be?

I am reminded that when we visited Morocco, we were warned to not say anything bad about the King.   I told our host that anyone that can hold his world together in the midst of a movement to go back to the fundamental religion is to be praised.  But, I am glad that I don't have to live there. 


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