Things You Hear at Old People's House

Here's my coffee cup,  right where I left it.

What were we arguing about?   I was on a roll.

Have you seen my "insert lost item's name here."   When the other spouse goes to look, it is right where you were last looking. 

After buying a pill case that separates AM from PM seven Days a week, You hear - Did I take my Pills? 

"We need to go to the store to buy more food."  The reality is you are having trouble closing the freezer door or storing ice because it is so full.. 

You could go on a trip for two weeks and never bring back a pair of dirty socks or underwear.  Most of the elastic waist bands aren't elastic any more.

You could decorate at least half of the Christmas trees on the block with the decorations you have stored in your storage space.

When are you going to do something about your storage room?   (closet, garage, storage shed)

When you were young, you could grab a small bag and go cross country.  When you had a child, it took a station wagon to go for a weekend.   Now that the kids are gone, you don't want to go anywhere.

Even when you don't vote for the incumbents, you can't truly say you lost in the elections.  We get what we vote for (or against)

It once was that the newly elected Governor would hold an inaugural ball.  Now they need to answer the protest rallies. 

At one time the swearing in ceremonies were outside the State house in January.  Now they have moved inside because of the cold.  Is it getting colder or are they afraid of people seeing them with their hands in their own pockets? 

Dang, the game starts at 6 PM.  Might miss Jeopardy and then also have to drive home in the dark?

Have you checked the furnace filter lately, It seems the house is dusty.  (After moving the computer that hasn't been moved in a year)  Yes, it needs changed (16X25X1) 

Dogs have owners, Cats Have Staff.  I don't mind that they won't play fetch with a ball so long as they will chase the laser pointer. 

I really hate the toilet paper you bought.  It is industrial grade sand paper in one ply.  But when I go buy some I find I can't remember the good kind either and buy a 12 roll package of the same stuff.

Oh well, Life is a roll, put a little butter and jelly on it and move on smartly.  Insert some witty saying here if you have one...


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