Living Life

In today"s Parade Magazine there was a story about a 75 year old man that started to ride his motorcycle when his wife passed.  There is a 70 person Motorcycle group there that rides their bikes to distant eating establishments.  On one such trip one member veered off the road and was dead.  The local Coroner said likely he was dead just prior to the accident.  No slick, he was as alive as he could be doing something that he loved right to the end.  You don't live just spending time until you die.  The best way is to die doing something you love.  Duh!

There is an old saying that the way to do it is to pass on shouting Yahoo and slide into your grave at least an hour before the Devil knows you are gone. Being a little bit of  person that plans, I don't intend to spend my last dollar on my last day but I will do my best to put it to good use.  It will be OK if I leave enough to our heirs to have me cremated and sprinkled in the impact area at some Military base.  Option 2 is the National Cemetery in Leavenworth where they have a small area for Cremains. 

Why all this talk about death and dying?   Well, I have the creeping acumskuzzy and because of my blood pressure I can't take the normal Decongestants.  I just have to gut it out and I hate every minute of coughing and wiping my nose.  Yes, I did have the flu shot and in fact was told it was the enhanced version.  No, I don't feel like it helped one bit.

We went to the KU game yesterday and it was very fun to see the team on a run.  Texas tech was just not that good a team and KU played everyone on their bench.  In fact most of the starters didn't play much more that 20 minutes.  It was one action packed dunk fest and the players and the fans enjoyed every minute of it. 

Last night we had the installation of the officers of the Barbershop Chorus and had a great meal.  I hated to put salt on such a delightful meal but without the great sense of smell, Salty was the only thing I could taste.  Needless to say, Barb and I left right after the singing stopped.  I just hope I didn't give this crud to anyone else.  Even if it is likely that I got it from one of the chorus members. 

OH well,  Get out there and live life like you cared.   I will...



  1. Try taking Coricidin HBP. It's a cold medicine formulated for people with high blood pressure. It's about the only thing I can take and it does help. Get better soon!

  2. IT hasn't worked for me. Thanks for the info.