Polar Vortex - Nah, Just Winter with a little Wind

In Salina at the Kansas Military Academy, they had a weather rock.  It was a rock on a rope and it had instructions on a piece of old paneling.  If the rock is moving, it is windy.  If it is wet, it is raining.  If it is covered with snow or ice, it is cold.  I am not sure who's great idea this was but I'm sure that based on our wind chime on the deck, the wind is rocking and rolling out there.  This was confirmed by a trip out to get the paper.  Even with more than one layer of coats it was cold.  I think if there is any temperature on the  thermometer outside it was cancelled by the wind.

For my non basketball friends out there, KU starts the new BIG XII season tonight in Waco, TX where they meet the Baylor basketball team.  From what I have seen, there are five teams that could win the Championship but they all have to go through Lawrence.  The current KU team is young and have had periods of non scoring but they have some great kids that are kind of hurt.  I'm sure that by the end of the season they will either all be hurt or win a few games along the way.   They had the second highest RPI (Strength of their opponents schedule) in the nation and finished 11-2 entering the preseason.  Coach Self didn't get to be one of the winningest coaches by letting things get out of hand.

How do you know when you are starting to get a cold?  Because I can't take decongestants, it is for me sinus pressure.  I have a very low voice and have a headache.  The depth is caused by a sore throat and post nasal drip.  Oh well, another winter cold.

This morning when I went to go out to get the paper, I saw the local school bus stopped up on the court.  I am sure that with a negative wind chill the bus doesn't find kids outside just waiting to get on the bus.  I never rode the bus when I was in school and had to hoof it there most days.  The only time I got to ride was in the 9th grade I broke by foot and rode with Mrs. Longhoffer our next door neighbor who was a teacher.  I think it was only the last 6 weeks of that year. 

For some reason, the foot I broke in the 9th grade is hurting lately.  It is that bony part that sticks out of the outside of my foot.  I stepped on a sidewalk as I ran to catch a fly ball and only the side of my foot was supported.  I really noticed it when I was in the cold garage and climbed up a ladder with a narrow step.  I don't remember hurting it but I did almost fall down the other day on rough ground as I came out of a ball game in Lawrence.  Who Knows what causes things like that?

Our Barbershop Chorus had a great practice the other night.  We had not practiced for a couple of weeks and I am sure that the guys did their homework.  We now have our music on CD's and on a Dropbox site.  It is easy to hear our music any time.  This has helped.

I guess I need to get on down the road.  Stay Warm out there.



  1. I'm like you with a cold, sinus pressure. I live on Benadryl year round and it usually helps. You could have some arthritis in your foot and the cold affects it. I cracked an elbow in 1978 and to this day when there is going to be a major weather change it aches like crazy. I always thought the "feel it in my bones" was bunk as to telling the weather, but now I'm changing my mind! Stay warm, the wind is howling here in
    Arkansas and the temps are dropping...it's a chili and fireplace kind of day!

  2. The smoke from a fireplace would make my sinuses more crazy. Love the heat, hate the smoke