KU Lost at Ames, Iowa.

There is always one game that makes true KU fans shudder and that is the visit to Iowa State.   They always seem to show up in force and play a hard game.  I guess the real truth is that everyone does that and Iowa State is no different.  Last night was one of those games that flowed and ebbed and just didn't flow at the end quite the way the hawks needed to win.  Oh well, it is a game and they are just young men.  Moving on...

Any day now, the kids will pull up stakes and move back home.   They will take their load of stuff, the three kitties and move back into their home.   I will say that other than the time it took to get it done, everything looks great.  The updated bath is so nice and I am sure that the Master Gardener has ideas about what ours should look like.  I really care about the ability to get clean so looks aren't all that high on my list.  I would rather re-do the kitchen first and then the carpet upstairs then the bathroom downstairs. 

Sometime I need to decide what I really want to do with the 57 Chevy.  To be a decent daily driver it needs disk brakes, a dependable motor and A/C.  Either that or it needs to move to a new home where someone else can derive pleasure from it.  It is one beautiful car and deserves to be out there for people to see.  If it was as fun to drive as it was pretty, I would have it on the road.  I will probably find another Crown Vic when the one I am driving fails to go.  120,000 miles and it goes fine for now.  I can't fault the 21.5 MPG here and the 25 mpg on the highway either.  It is also great that gas costs about half of what it did last year.  On our last trip it cost at least $50.00 to fill it up and this week I filled it up for $24.00.  Oh well, moving on...

I have mentioned to the Master Gardner that I want a wake not a funeral.  I want it to be kind of like that movie "Weekend at Burney's" and I want to attend.  Prop me up in one end of the room, put a pipe in my mouth, a beer in my hand and have everyone show up and tell Petty Jokes.  I want there to be a case of scotch, two kegs of beer and invite all the military guys (current and ex) to participate.  The best joke teller and the guy more privy to the best jokes has preceded me and is waiting at Fiddler's Green with a canteen cup of Grog.  This is my way of thinking outside the box.  If she doesn't want to do this, have my ashes sprinkled in the impact zone at Fort Riley.

Does anyone else find it spooky that some cats like to watch you up close and personal.  The kitten, Pixel, will come down and just sit on my computer chair for a couple of hours most nights.  He will follow people into the kitchen even though he knows he won't get food there.  If everyone leaves the room he is in, he will make a crying noise until someone yells his name and he will join us in the next room.  I won't go as far as to say I'll miss him but I will a little.

Have a great day out there. It is in the 50's here in the Heartland and will be pretty nice all week.


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