4th Of July

This morning I went out to gather the paper and it felt kind of cool in shorts and a T-Shirt.  I am sure this is a great start to a festive day for many of you.   We will celebrate with a day busy here at home and a quiet BBQ this early evening with Dave and his wife Barb.   We started out with a breakfast of cereal and will end with steak.  We will be safely home when the fireworks start.  There will be a war in the near neighborhood but for us not much celebration.  

I don't suffer from PTSD or anything, I just don't see the need to watch fireworks every year like some.  Now and then we will go over to a friends house and watch the fireworks from their backyard. Not this year.  

The biggest thing I worry abut is how long will it take this congress to muck things up so bad that we will start losing the quality of life we have worked hard to accumulate.  I would like to think that we contributed to the success of our country in many ways and would hate to see the floor drop out from under us.  I would be a little less fearful if the politicians didn't just look us in the face and look like they mean it.  I am not a sheep and I watch what they do not just what they say.  Oh well, moving on.

I guess I have hit a wall here and will move on smartly to other things.


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