Our Wild Life at Rabbit Run!

Just so there's no confusion from the start, we couldn't raise hell here with a case of whisky and a dozen artillerymen. I used to say Indians but I have been told that is racist so I changed it to Artillerymen. Our wild life consisted of Barb going out about 10 PM and watching the fireworks over by the lake.  Me, I was fast asleep because I knew KU, or the USA team would be playing from South Korea at 6:30 AM.  They won.  Brazil had a tall team and they played a rough game. 

What did happen was this morning one of the hawks that has been hanging around for the last couple of weeks flew into the window with a whump this morning.  I suspect it was the juvenile bird and seems like he was able to get up and fly off even if he was a little wobbly from the impact.

As I went down stairs, I saw a blur moving across the front yard and by the time I got downstairs, I could clearly see it was a fawn that was catching up with it's mother.  They didn't see me looking out of the window at them and walked slowly down the hill.  It does my heart glad to see that there are new fawns this year so there will be more at the end of the season.  I am not as hunter anymore and I do feed them chopped corn and keep a salt block out. 

I have almost stopped feeding the birds.  With the bumper crop of Magicadas (17 year cycle) there was plenty to eat out there.  I am sure that there are new bugs hatching out and becoming a part of the food cycle every day.  Barb goes out and smashes Squash Bugs and their eggs every day. 

Yesterday was a pretty typical holiday here at Rabbit run.  Dave and his wife came over and I cooked meat on the grill.   There was pretty much a typical spread of food and lots of leftovers.  I think the pasta salad will be even better today.  Today's omelet had a side of  strawberries and I could have some banana pudding if I so desired.  I do the meat and Barb does the desserts.  We never have finished without some of each leftover. 

Dave helped me put our bridge back in place last evening.  I had to move it so they could re-do the sidewalk in front of the garage.  The tractor did most of the heavy lifting.  Dave and I both were much too full from all the food to do much more than guide the rope and swing the bridge in place.  Dave did get a chance to drive the zero turn mower a little to move it out of the garage.  I think he like myself loves the novelty.  Now if I was just as fond of the brand.  If only I had held out for a Troy Built.  Dave's Troy Built mover has been mowing 3 Acres for about 9 years and it still does a great job.  The Cub Cadet has had to have three new blades and a mower tower so far and it has just over 14 hours on the clock. 

Have I shared some of the things I like and dislike lately?  I dearly love old Chevys.  For the late model transportation, I am really fond of the Crown Victoria.   I think HiVee sells about the best meat in town and for general walking around I go to Wal*Mart.  I think Barb is the most fond of The Educational Credit Union for her banking needs and I don't really care.  I like it the most because it is close.  We both love living on the edge of Topeka.  Neither of us care to drive on the Interstate through town's like Kansas City.  I think Zion National Park is about the prettiest place to go but Yellowstone had a lot more to see.  I do fear that some day Yellowstone will blow up but not for a while.    Lastly, I love my country but fear my Government.  I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said both the Democrats and Republicans are busy screwing things up.  I hear a few candidates telling the truth but not enough - Yet!


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