Both the Men and Women's team won gold at the University games in South Korea.  I woke up in time for the start of the Women's game but by halftime I was fast asleep.  I wonder what the heck the term Fast Asleep means.  That's the way I go all the time.  I was wide awake for the Men's game and really enjoyed the highly contested game.  Germany has nothing to hide their heads over.  They played the USA team as well as anyone so far.  They kept their wheels right up to the second overtime when the hawks,  er the USA team turned Frank Mason lose and they won the game.

Barb went down to take the pictures out of the trail cam where she has been feeding the deer.  Turns out that there are about six of those masked bandits called raccoons also eating the chopped corn. 

Night Vision Picture

A few years back, one of Barb's co workers caught a couple of coons under her porch and asked if she could release them here.  Sure, no problem except for the expansion of the coon population that resulted.  Who doesn't love those masked faces (Me for one)

We went for a ride this morning and it was about 88 degrees when we left.  By the time we finished the heat index was almost 100 degrees.  The only saving grace was a light breeze that made it almost bearable.  Our bikes are working pretty great and the bike paths are in great shape.  

Tonight is our Barbershop Chorus Practice is tonight.  I have moved over to Baritone from Bass and am learning a new part.  I sure hope the other two Baritones show up tonight as it makes it a lot easier.  

Better run.


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