Is This Real?

After a few days in the 70's here in the Heartland, it will be in the 90's with the heat index well over 100.  If this was a normal July, we would go on about our business and hardly notice.  But, today people all over the heartland will go out and say "Holy Crap" at the heat.  I can't translate that to Latin but you are welcome to.  

This morning the funny papers just hit my funny bone and I am sure that Barb thinks I have just lost it.  My favorite was Pickles where Grandma asked Grandpa what was in his shopping bag.  He told her that it was organic vegetables.  When she saw what was in the bag Grandpa blames the doughnuts on an error by the clerk.  Doesn't work at my house either.

Yesterday we had two pretty good thunderstorms move through Topeka.  I'm sure that the yards are pretty soggy again and it will take a day or two before I get the mower out and go to the rental house.  The good news is that other than the rope I picked up last time, the Cub cadet does a pretty good job. I did have to level out the mower deck to make it mow a little more even.  It was about an inch out of level on one side and left funny marks in the grass.  After a little adjustment it is now pretty good.  The only bad thing is where I test drove the mower it looks funny and I won't be able to even it out for a day or so.  Oh well...

Have you ever had a discussion where even though you were right, you lost?  After telling me I was wrong, and I proved that I was right, I was told it was no big deal.  Sheesh, can't win for losing in the local battles here at Rabbit Run.   Perhaps one of us is not all right in the head.  Must be me!

We are going to make a run to Lawrence in a little while.  I need to get a new light for the fixture over the stove and barb needs some tea.  Not sure what else we will do but that's it for a start.  The more older we get, the more I understand how going to town was a favorite past time for Barb's parents.  It was a chance to escape being in the same place for hours at a time.  

If it hadn't rained so hard yesterday, I might recommend we get the bikes out this morning.  The sidewalks will still be wet and I for one don't like to fall down in the slickness.  The other day, I was riding on the Lake Shawnee trail and a lady was feeding the geese.  I told her that the cops had made that illegal.  She hollered at me to mind my own business.  I do just long enough to go to the concession stand and call the Park police.  I should have just stopped and called them on my cell phone but I didn't.  Had she just shut up and stopped feeding the geese, I would have rode on my merry way.

 The other day, one of my friends was visiting Pleasanton, Kansas.  It was her home town and she commented that the highway by-pass had really caused the downtown to shut down.  I'm afraid that it is not just Pleasanton, but a lot of little towns that have declined as people move to the bigger cities to make a living.  At one time the small farmers would come to town to buy things and they kept the economy going.  Not so much anymore.  There are counties in Western Kansas that don't have enough people there to keep the schools open.  They have to bus their kids way over to another city to go to school.  Bummer but that's the reality.  I have heard that some small cities are offering free houses if people will move there and keep the houses from falling down.  They don't have enough money in the budget to tear them down.

Wait, I started this all out with a positive attitude and now I have let it turn into a downer.   Better close and get on to bigger and better things.


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