I'll bet there were not many people that woke up at 4:30 this morning to watch Russia get beat by the young Men's University Team from the USA (aka Jay hawks)  I did and it was a great game.  Pretty typical in that no matter the talent of the opposing team, their wheels fell off in the 4th Quarter.  Russia had a player 7'3" and one at 7' and many other tall players.  It was a battle and there was a time that Russia put on a scoring run that looked bad for our kids.  When the 4th Quarter opened up, it was all Neyt not net for their baskets.  Frank Mason played the entire game and with Selden's efforts just played the Russians to a slow dribble.  Great game and now on to the Championship for both the men and women USA team. 

The good news is that about 1 PM this afternoon it will be too hot to be out and about so a great nap will be on the ticket.  They are predicting the heat index to be at or near 110.  I may go out in a short time and see if there is some way to drag the big tree limb out of the yard.  Shame someone doesn't need a large black walnut log to make things out of.

I am wondering of time to replace Barb's old car is about here.  The 94 Buick skylark doesn't have an A/C and it loses about a quart of water each time she drives it to town.  I think the head gasket is leaking and every time she drives it into the garage I can smell anti freeze.  It has been a great little for a lot of years and must be time to get her a new one.  We'll see.  Last time I made a deal like this with her, I got a puppy and she got David.  The dog has been long since gone and we still have Dave. Typical of her to win most of our decisions.  It really has been darned good for me but don't tell her I said so. 

Yesterday I went to HiVee in Lawrence and used the trick in the meat market to ask what their special is.  I got 5 bacon wrapped filets for $10.  They also had 10 brats for $10.  Should be a good cook out later today. 

Barb took some corn down to the feed bunker yesterday.  She saw a deer with two fawns and she wants to make sure they are well fed.  I am sure that I will get sucked into that effort until the corn on hand is gone.  
This deer has had twin fawns several years in a row.
The picture above is the handy work of Barb and her trail camera.  She also has a telephoto lens that takes excellent shots also.  Thus the wildlife here at Rabbit Run is really wildlife.  

Batter get with it and move about before the dents in the couch match my butt too much.


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