Oh Well

What do you do when something becomes more work than fun?  Do you roll up your kit and leave or stick it out to help make it fun again?  That's where I am today and don't have a good answer.  No, it is really a very simple thing and I'm sure I will find the correct answer.  I stuck out a career in the Army of over 30 years so I don't consider myself a quitter.   

Years ago, there was an Audie Murphy movie about a US man in Vietnam in the 50's.   Just yesterday I saw that it has been remade and I have it recorded on my DVR.  I will watch the remake sometime today.  I hope it is as good as the original.    It was a real strange part for Audie and wasn't at all like his macho western roles. 

Yesterday we were going to take Dave's wife and meet him for dinner in Lawrence.  First problem was that his wife, Barbara has a cold and stayed home.  The second thing that happened was that Dave go stuck on a call at work and we had to come home before he got off work.  That was a bad start for what should have been a good evening.  The rest I just won't get into.  


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