Been Busy

This week was split with a quick trip to Oklahoma to go to court again.  I think we will lose our lawyers but should be able to move down the road towards having that matter all settled without them.  We had Barb's sister, Shirley, her to hold our hands as we tried to land this puppy.  We are getting nearer.

A little ovre a week back, the city of Topeka didn't like my pile of branches at the rental house.  The sent me a notice to get rid of it so I had part hauled off by a tree service and the rest I hauled off to the dump or my tree pile here at rabbit run.  One of these days I will need to burn the pile here.  They wouldn't let me burn the pile in the city limits.

Tonight we will put Shirley on the train and Sunday evening, our Grand Niece from Alabama will arrive in KC.  Great people all the way around. 

Tomorrow is another birthday.  I think I am going to be 68.  I sure never thought I would be around that long.  Oh well,  it has been a great ride and I could not have picked a better place to be than where I am right now. 

Going to get a little break in the weather today so I have hopes I can get a few things done outside.  Better get started.


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