Thinking of the Past

As a Baby Boomer, I grew up listening about War stories in far off places.  The reality today was in the paper.  WWII ended 70 years ago.  I like a lot of you with parents alive in that period no longer have them to share their adventures with.   Barb still has her Dad but like a lot of the WWII Vets he doesn't spend much time reliving the war tales.  Not that he doesn't have things to tell, he just doesn't find those memories much fun.  I was amazed when I listened to him about how hard it was for him to tell where he was on the ground in Italy.  He was a member of an Infantry unit and was told where to go and when.  As a Forward Observer, I was always called on to know where I was on the ground and hated to not know where I was.

The weather here in the Heartland is hot as those Jalapenos.  Yes, the Fiesta Mexicana is here in Topeka.  Last night I went to the church and brought home some of that delicious food.  It cost me about $34 to feed four people with some leftovers.  Barb thinks out enchiladas are better but we eat ours just minutes after they come out of the oven and not after they were carried in a cardboard box clear across town.  I loved it all and wish I could have just gone there  and eaten it fresh off the prep line.   I don't know what the rest of the Fiesta is all about but I sure love the food.  

Barb just got up and said we need to go on a bike ride while it is still cool enough to not cook eggs on the sidewalk.  It will get there soon so I had better get on my way.
 Putting on miles of Smiles

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