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I had to change my Browser so Blogger would quit sending me nasty messages when I used Internet Explorer.  Seems to be OK.  I now use Fire Fox for my Blog.

Yesterday afternoon, a storm blew through Topeka with pretty good winds and about 3 inches of rain.  I have downed tree limbs and the ground is again soggy.  I finished mowing at Dave's and left the mower on the trailer so I could just take it over to the rental house.  Bad choice, I now have a fairly clean mower with a soggy seat.  I unloaded it this AM and it is now in the sop so it will have a chance to dry off. 

I thought the bad weather might cause many of the guys to stay home from our Barbershop Chorus Practice.  Nope, we went and had a good time.  Two of the guys have a birthday this week so we went to Terry's a local Pub afterwards.  We sang and had a good time.  I drank a couple of O'Doles or non alcoholic beers.  It was a good time.

This was put on hold yesterday and not started until again today.  I am not sure if I did too much on Monday or if I just have a minor bug.   I absolutely did nothing yesterday because i felt so bad.  Try again today to get a few things done here at Rabbit Run.

The paper this morning had an article by one of the retired editors and it is mostly word play.  He quoted a guy that claims to be a "verbibore" and talked about why pants are called a pair of pants and shirts with two sleeves aren't.   My contribution to the word wars this morning is, "Did you hear that Westboro Baptist Church is going to South Carolina to protest  the flying of the Confederate battle flag.  Their signs will read - GOD HATES FLAGS."  

Did anyone else see Jared of SUBWAY fame has ballooned up to about 250 lbs and was arrested for Child Pornography?   Watching naked children will make you fat.   For the record, SUBWAY has dropped him as a spokesman for their product.  I personally don't get it.  Watching naked children just doesn't rock my boat.  Perhaps curiosity when I was young made me want to see naked girls but why didn't Jared grow up like the rest of us?  With the advent of the Internet who would still harbor arrested development?   Oh well, I don't get Bruce Jenner changing to a woman or Bill Cosby's need to drug women to have sex.   According to Wilt Chamberlain there was enough available groupies to keep guys like him in tail for the rest of his life.  

We had an interesting discussion about San Francisco being a sanctuary city and why they didn't enforce the Federal Hold Charge on the Illegal Immigrant that later killed a young woman.  I vote to withdraw all Federal facilities and money to San Francisco and see how long they refuse to play ball with the US Government.  Between Long Beach and San Diego we could surely replace the Federal Dollars that flow into San Francisco.    Back to the old motto, Play ball with us or we will stick the bat in places.... NO wait, they like things stuck there.  Never mind.

For the record, I want to say that I am forever an equal opportunity offender.  I am about worn to the nub over Political Correctness and within the walls of this Blog will continue to poke fun where it is needed.  One of these days I will point out why our Political system is failing and laugh at the real hipocrasy  in our systems. 

Lets start with the Donald.   The conservatives say we need a spokesman that will stand up and shout what is wrong and not then apologize for the error of his ways.  When Donald did this, they all want to crucify him.  Come on folks,  if a man with more money than God can't tell the truth,  who can?  Oh yes, we will let Hillary tell stories  until the cows come home and no one will notice.  How could she tell the Chinese not to hack into a system that she didn't use to protect her privacy.  OH well...

Better stop here and go offend some of the bureaucrats in Topeka.


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