Kansas Skies

Yesterday I went to sing with the Barbershop Chorus and about half way there I called Barb and told her to go to the Basement for about 15 minutes.  The sky really looked dark and ominous and the weather bureau said there was a severe storm warning for our part of the world.  What did she do?  Yep, she went outside to look at the clouds.  I guess from the perspective in our living room, she couldn't see the 50,000 foot thunderheads to the south.   

I am always reminded that when I first brought Barb to Kansas she would say, "Where is everything?"  It took me a long while to realize that she had grown up in places that always had mountains somewhere on the horizon.   For me, the sky has always been my view.  Sure, like living in Wichita right by the runway at Beech Aircraft I got use to hearing planes take off.  I seldom tire of looking at the sky and seeing what the next cloud will do.   I am also watching for that ugly cloud that might do something in a swirling manner.  Been there, did that.

Again this morning the daily subject of what's on my agenda came up.  I have at least three things left to do this morning.  I won't bother you with details but I didn't share them all with Barb either.  That way I won't have to apologize if I don't get it all done.   I will say that cleaning is always on the list and that activity is one that these hot afternoons are good for.   A week ago we had several days with the temps in the 70's today it will be in the 90's with a heat Index near 110.  Not good days to be outside and working in the afternoon. I think my system is getting all whacked up.  I am not sleeping well at night and afternoon naps are needed.  Oh well, I guess a guy had to do what a guy has to do.  

A friend of ours is going through the loss of a father.  I am always at a loss of good things to say.  I think that the natural order of things is that we will someday all lose our parents and that doesn't make it any easier.  That young couple has also gone through the loss of a baby due to a miscarriage. I know that will be tough and get through this.  

What are you doing to stay fit?  I am trying to work more bike riding in to the schedule.  I know that the period of poor health in Jan, Feb and March set me back.  I will try to regain my fitness a little at a time.  I do worry about a setback but what the heck, we are all going to die of something.  Might as wel be something fun.
Riding the trails

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