You Just Lost Me Donald

In my world, anyone that does his job in the Military and does it well is a hero.  Senator John McClain is one of those in my book.  I agree with Donald that we don't have any border to the south and it is a big problem.  I don't understand that people are afraid to say that.  Don't the illegals not have the right to vote?  But Donald crossed the line from Free Speech to STUPID speech this time.

One of the things that is the most wrong in Washington, D.C. is that the lines between the parties is so wide that no one is allowed to agree on anything.  In fact, the last time I can remember there being any agreement was when Senator McCain and Kennedy co sponsored an education bill.  No matter what you think about John McCain's politics, his service to the United States should be above the fray. Donald Lost Me and my support.

Four of our best Marines and a sailor were gunned down and didn't have the right to defend themselves in a Recruiting Center.  All it would have taken was for the Gunnery Sergeant to have a 9mm and it would have been a short gun battle.  I am pretty sure that the Marines would have arranged for that young Muslim to go meet Allah.  The Marines didn't need to go protect any golden streets because of some bureaucratic rule.  

I was just called by a tree service to come over to my rental house and haul off a bunch of tree limbs that were in a pile.  There is also some wood that I should have hauled to the dump.  Stupid me.  Oh well, he will help me separate the stuff and I have a truck and a trailer.

Better run boys and girls.   I hear my brother is on the mend and now my sister needs some surgery.  I hope to stay on the recovering list for a while.


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