Just What in the Heck Day Is It?

Yesterday I was watching TV and wondered when the next World University Games team USA would play.   I went to ESPNU and realized that they were playing right then.  I somehow lost a day in there somewhere.  I hate it when I get older and that happens.  Makes me wonder when I will be able to hide my own Easter Eggs.  (Do they still do that?)   

Yesterday we had to go downtown to the KPERS building and they have again torn Kansas Blvd up to where you can't get there from here without a couple of block hike.  Last time it was to make the street more vehicle friendly, and this time to make it more pedestrian friendly.  The problem is that very few people have any reason to go there and it really doesn't matter what they do, they have put about half of the businesses our of business so even fewer will go there.  There are all sorts of great ideas that just don't have the traction to get me down there.  Heck, I don't even like to go to the Mall unless I have to.  

Today is supposed to be the last day of the 70 degree days for a while so Barb wants to go for a bike ride sometime around noon.  Sounds like a winner to me.  So long as the goose poop on the trail isn't wet and slippery, I'll be there.  Neither of our bikes have fenders so wet excrement doesn't add to the value of bike riding.  At least the Park Police have made people stop feeding the geese at Lake Shawnee.  There is something about the amount of goose poop poluting the lake so they don't want people to keep the geese there by feeding them.  I don't really care so long as people don't feed them on the cement.  They have been eating on the grass for years and even like grass so feed them on your grass if you want.

Barbara and I don't ride our bikes on the roads here near Topeka.  People just don't seem to notice us like they should.  I guess they are too busy texting and talking on their cell phones to notice.  One day I was riding South on Tecumseh road and there was a school bus coming from the north.  I saw the driver wave and something told me to get the hell off the road and I rode into a driveway.  The bus driver behind me was also waving and had I not rode out of the way, she would have hit me.  I promise you that a bike/bus impact would have not been fun.  Even with a helmet, it would have been fatal.

On Monday, there was a big tree branch on one of the Walnut trees that broke off and fell in the yard.  I will have to get the chain saw out and cut it up later on today.  One of these days I will have to also burn the pile of trees out in the yard that has been there for the biggest part of 2 years.  

Today one of the South Carolina Legislators spoke on CNN about their debate over flying the Alabama Battle Flag on the grounds of their Capitol.  I don't know what the big deal is.  Last time I looked the civil war ended about 150 years ago.  Get over it people.  I guess I need to be like Barbara who every time she catches me watching a war movie reminds me that we won and it is over.  

I support free speech about as much as anyone.  What you want to say is protected so long as it doesn't impact my rights.   I do want to make it clear that there is nothing about stupid speech in there and because you disagree doesn't mean that I want to diminish my rights because you say something stupid.  A couple of Sundays ago I saw the Westboro Baptist Church picketing one of the churches we were going to sing at.  It did my heart glad to see that the people in the church just ignored them and they left quietly.  I told the guys that at one of the White Concert Hall events they sang with their teen age acapella groups and sounded pretty good.  I didn't agree with their version of the words but heck, I don't like rap music either.

Three times this week I have apologized to a black man over the fact that because of "White Privilege" we stole their BBQ recipes. So far, I am three of three in eliciting laughs from them.  In fact one of the guys I sing with said he is allergic to water melon and because of his religion doesn't east pork.  I didn't realize he was Jewish.  I am the first to admit that I love BBQ pork, water melon and a collard greens.  It must be my blue eyes that fools them.

One of the guys at our chorus practice said that when one of the girl's soccer teams members ran over to kiss her wife it made him not enjoy things as much.  I was surprised that in this day and age anyone really cares who kisses who.  Trust me when I say that pretty soon the divorce rate in the Gay and lesbian communities will be as high as it is in the heterosexual community.  I wish them well but people just don't have that desire to work hard on being a couple today as was the ideal.  Yes, I am a conservative in a lot of things, but I tend to be a realist and call 'em like I see 'em.  

I am still up in the air about going to my 50th High School reunion.  I am not sure that I can hold my gut in all evening and if I should die my hair a little.  I am fairly sure that I am old.   The other day, William Shattner rode a motor cycle through Topeka and I saw the picture in the paper.  I thought it looked a lot like me.    There just needs to be a time that dignity takes over in our minds and the reality of age just hits us between the eyes.  

Oh well, see you all later.  


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