Rain Again

Seems like each time I am about ready to load up the mower and go to the rental house to mow, it starts raining.  Perhaps one of these times it will be dry and I can mow.  Oh well, such a petty problem.   

What do you want to see on Facebook?  I love to see pictures of babies and special events.  I hate re-posting of  sites that are things made up by strangers.  Every once in a while I don't mind videos of cute puppies but why post a video of little girls crying when they get a puppy?   I don't have a good answer for this.

Do you know what a BOGSAT is?  (Bunch of guy's sitting around and talking.)   That is a meeting without an agenda or it is what occurs after the agenda is covered.  There is a social need for talking in a lot of cases, but I would hope that people will end the meeting and enjoy the talking.  Oh well.

I can not imagine why anyone would not allow Recruiters, especially Marine Recruiters to not be armed at their Recruiting Stations.   Four of our finest were killed because of a stupid law.  The same thing was what got a bunch of people killed by that wacko MAJ in Texas.  I am pretty sure that if a few people had the right to perform open carry there would be fewer people that try to shoot a bunch of people.  

That reminds me of a story.  One year at a summer camp, I was cleaning my 9mm pistol.  I carried an empty magazine in the gun but had two loaded clips in my ammo pouch.  One of the Generals at that camp saw the live rounds and instead of talking to me about it, he told the Adjutant General.  I got a call that the General wanted to see me and he asked me if I had been carrying live ammo at Camp.  I told him that I always did.  He said I shouldn't carry live ammo.  I asked him how he got paid at Camp?  he said the Class A Agent had to go get the checks at the payroll office.  I asked him where did he think the Class A agent got ammunition for thee pistol he was required to carry to draw the checks?  Having been a long time technician, I was always ready to provide ammo for that job.  Failure to do that would mean that the checks would have to be mailed to Topeka and someone there would have to be armed to issue the checks.  Besides, why don't all the MP's in the Guard have ammo to protect the General and Officers in our headquarters?  Jes' Sayn'.

Oh well, we got a notice to go mow at the rental house from Code enforcement.  I guess I'll go see if the mower can work it's way through the wet grass.


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