Food For Thought

Today a young  basketball player said it made her proud to have USA across her chest as she represented US at the Pan Am games.  I am proud that she feels that way and now I wonder what we can do to help all our young people feel that way.  What have we done to cause the young people today to not feel that this is the best place in the world to live?  Where else can a young person grow up with an unlimited future?  

I grew up poor and did not have student loans or rich parents that carried me to success.  I worked hard and married a person that wanted to be a success as bad as I did.  I did have the GI Bill to help but only after I spent a year in Vietnam.  I think I earned every dollar I got out of that program and am darned glad to have served.  

Now back to that young basketball player.  I hope she is a student and is working on her game so she can get an education.  I don't care if she is really good and can play in the WNBA.  I want her to be able to go out and sell herself as well and find a job to earn a great living.  Did you notice that I tried to not focus on her race or sex?  She was obviously bright, well spoken and the kind of person my mother would have loved to invite into her house to share a cold glass of Iced tea.  

So, instead of telling us what's wrong with things, I would challenge the Presidential candidates to tell us how they can find that spark of pride and blow that ember into a flame of success so that all of our young men and women can share.  


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