For the second day in a row they have said it is going to rain.  Yesterday it at best sprinkled for a few moments and the slight rain that passed through here this morning will be dry by noon.  The one good thing is that the miserable heat is not here today.  Perhaps if the sidewalks dry off this morning it won't be too warm to ride after noon.  We'll see.

Our road trip earlier this week was a good test to see if I am up to trips in a car.  So far all I can tell is that I have a slight head cold and my nose is running.  No big deal.  I hope it stays that way.

We have had several social invites from the Chorus that I find Interesting.  The first one is a double birthday celebration at Terry's, a local bar.  It will be kind of an afterglow that we will hold after our Monday night practice.  The other is an invite to the entire chorus to a 50th Wedding Anniversary to be held next Friday night.   I love to go sing at special occasions for friends.  In fact, we sing "Friends" a lot and do it well. 

The more I read the 55-56-57 Chevy site, the more I want to get mine pout of storage and drive it.  I wish that I had spent the money on a new motor, disk brakes and a rack and pinion steering box.  Yes, A/C needs to be right up there also.  I figure it will take the better part of 10 grand to do those things.  Perhaps not but I would love to have it on the road in a safe manner to drive.

USAA sent me a note today that tells me that my insurance has lapsed.  DUH!  do they not cross communicate?   Cancel my rental house insurance and I'll take my bat and go home...  If they won't play ball nicely, they can stick their bat where the sun doesn't shine.  In their ads, they say that 90% of their customers plan to stay with them forever.  I guess I am a pat of that 10%.

Has anyone really figured out what it costs to own a home?   When you get it paid off, there is the little matter of Property tax and insurance that can add $300 a month to your bills.  I won't even talk about utilities.  Not a good thing either way.   I guess I really don't mind being poor with property to support.  For the most part we can afford to pay unless and until something happened to one of us. 

The garden has produced it's first part of the bounty.  One small cuke and two cherry tomatoes and more setting on.  This is the favorite part of my year.  The farmer's markets will soon be full of all kinds of ripe veggies.   That first BLT with vine ripened tomatoes is still out there making me want more.  We have had several great water melons from the store.  We haven't had good luck growing them here.  There are a few places where the sandy soil produces good melons but the clay here just doesn't let the water flow properly.  Perhaps one of these years we will figure it all out.  


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